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Here's why journaling is so important...

Do you ever feel disconnected from yourself?
Did you know that your stories often create the foundation for your perspective in life?
Every choice you make builds on that foundation. If your foundation isn't formed by trust, acceptance, compassion, love or kindness, there will be a disconnect between what you truly desire and value and how you currently show up in the world.

So often we have no idea of why we do WHAT we do. We walk through life clueless about the origin of our thoughts, our feelings and our choices. We react and move on autopilot without conscious thought into how we move throughout our lives. We lack awareness.

Journaling is the first step to self-awareness. It calls you to pause and notice your needs. It invites you to ask important questions about your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. It mirrors your beliefs and fosters curiosity.

Journaling draws your stories out into the light so that you can observe how they have shaped your identity. With this knowledge, you can choose whether or not you want to continue to show up in this way or if you want to redefine your current story.

Feeling disconnected lately? There's a story for that.

I challenge you to take pen to paper and begin the conversation. Don't be afraid to pause + notice. Don't be afraid to ask + receive.

Connecting with yourself will help you effectively connect with those you love, care for and serve.

Try this writing practice:

Dear (your name,) it's been a while, but I just wanted to say...

If you try this prompt, share your comment below, I'd love to hear what shows up for you.

Take good care,

Nicole Annette


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