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Your home for journaling resources that will foster your self-awareness, self-growth and self-renewal so that you can live your ONE life on purpose.

Change your story, change your life...

We've all heard this before, right? But there's something to it.  Here at The Journal Coaching Co.™ we teach the Narrative Journaling Framework™ which suggests that your thoughts trigger your emotions, your emotions influence your choices & behaviors and your behaviors become your life.  So often, we go through life unaware of our thoughts and how they impact our choices.  We live reactive lives and that doesn't feel good.  Journaling is the catalyst to self-awareness.  Taking the time to PAUSE & NOTICE your thoughts, is the beginning of self-renewal and personal growth.

So, you won't just find #journalingprompts here.  At The Journal Coaching Co.™ you'll not only learn the "process" of journaling, but you'll also learn the "practice" of journaling and how to apply it to your life in real-time. We're so glad you're here!

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Who we serve

Our current students and clients are women who have a heart to make a difference in the lives of others.  They are a diverse group of coaches, teachers, mothers, caregivers, founders, corporate professionals, nature-lovers, tea drinkers, coffee sippers, good listeners, therapists and more and they understand that they need to fill their own cups first, so that they can effectively nourish those they love, care for and serve.  Healing and growth is a reciprocal practice and as you practice healing & growing, you directly influence others to do the same.

How we serve

EDUCATE: We believe that education is the first step to awareness.  You can learn about the journaling process and how to apply your writing practice through our daily posts here on Instagram, our weekly episodes on The Journal Coaching Podcast, and by enrolling in one of our writing courses.

COACH: We work together with our clients/students in a 1:1 or group experience.  We've helped our clients achieve clarity, gain confidence and momentum, overcome fear and limiting beliefs, navigate change and transition, establish and maintain personal boundaries, connect to their core values and purpose, take action in their lives and so much more.

CREATE: We design and self-publish journals, workbooks and other resources to support you in your practice.

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Meet Our Founder

"When we honor our writing practices, we honor our voices by giving ourselves permission to speak from the heart, to question ourselves, to find our answers and to become vulnerable enough to walk ourselves home." -Nicole Annette


Nicole Annette is a passionate Writer, Coach, Teacher and Podcast Hostess of The Journal Coaching Podcast™.

Journaling has had a huge impact on her life and has fostered insight, healing, personal and professional growth.

She's the founder of Journal Junky® a product-based Etsy shop, and The Journal Coaching Co.™ where she teaches women leaders how to use Mindful Writing Practices to dig deeper and rewrite their stories so that they can thrive, sustainably serve their people, and authentically do the work they're called to do in the world. 

For the past 20 years, Nicole has facilitated writing retreats and workshops locally and virtually.  She's passionate about teaching women and building community and interest around transformative journaling.

She enjoys hosting small group and team building workshops that help cultivate mindfulness, intentional communication, courage, self-awareness, creativity, and storytelling in and out of the workplace.  Nicole holds a B.A. in Psychology and a M.Ed in Adult Learning and Development.  She brings her skills and years of personal experience to the table when she teaches and works with her clients.


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