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PONDER: 28-Days to Intentional Living [Problem-Solving Self-Study Practice]

Hey...are you a woman in your mid-life season who feels depleted, frustrated, and overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life?

Do you long to reconnect with YOUR heart, values, needs, and desires?

Do you feel drained and disconnected from who you are as a woman?

Are you ready to live YOUR life with more calm, clarity, creativity and purpose?

Listen, if your answer is YES, then it's time for you to prioritize yourself and regain control of your journey, and I have just the thing for you...

Introducing PONDER: A 28-Day Self-Study Practice designed to empower you with the tools and guidance you need to navigate your challenges, effectively solve your own problems and CHOOSE the life YOU want to live-one word at a time.




In this transformative PONDER practice, you're going to learn how to use journaling as a strategic tool to identify, solve and navigate the problems and challenges you're currently facing, so that you can make intentional decisions for your life with clarity and purpose.



During the PONDER: 28-Day Self-Study experience, you'll be led through the following 5-Step Journal Coaching Model process:

  • Cultivate Awareness [Day 1-8]: You'll begin your journey by cultivating awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and patterns. This will help you gain clarity about where you currently stand in your life and identify the areas that require attention and growth.
  • Create Intention [Day 9-14]: In this part of the process, you will harness the power of intention setting. This will help you define your needs, desires, values and what truly matters to you. In this step you'll begin to craft a roadmap for intentional living that aligns with your values, needs and desires and provides a sense of direction and purpose.
  • Generate Solutions [Day 15-20]: After you complete this part of the practice, you're going to feel empowered to become the problem-solver of your own life! The PONDER practice, guides you through specifically curated exercises and prompts that will help you brainstorm creative solutions to your challenges and tap into your inner wisdom and resourcefulness. (This is the fun part!)
  • Take Action [Day 21-24]: In this step of the model, you'll learn to transform your intentions into tangible actions by breaking down your solutions into manageable steps and creating an action plan that propels you towards your desired outcomes. You'll experience the empowerment that comes from taking charge of your journey and making meaningful progress. (This is also the fun part!)
  • Reflect & Evaluate [Day 25-28]: In this step of the Journal Coaching Model, you will celebrate your achievements, learn from your experiences, and adapt your action plan and action steps as needed. PONDER will provide you with structured prompts for introspection, allowing you to fine-tune your path and make conscious choices that align with your evolving needs and desires.



✅ A comprehensive 50-paged problem-solving workbook, guiding you through the 5-Step Journal Coaching Model with clarity and ease.

✅ 28 thought-provoking exercises, prompts and coaching tips designed to deepen your self-awareness, clarify your intentions, and empower you to generate meaningful solutions.

✅ 6 action-oriented worksheets to transform your intentions into actionable steps and create real change in your life.

✅ 6 "Heart Check-Ins" for reflection and evaluation to ensure ongoing growth and alignment with your evolving needs and desires.

✅ 7 journal coaching instructional pages that will help you define and apply The Journal Coaching Model.

✅ A supportive and nurturing re-usable resource that will help you reconnect with your heart, needs, values and desires and ultimately live with more purpose and intention.


What to know before you purchase:

Upon purchase, you WILL have immediate access via email to:

  • PONDER: 28-DAYS TO INTENTIONAL LIVING [Problem-Solving Self-Study Practice]
  • PONDER is offered as a "self-study" practice which means that your purchase does not include any personal coaching with me.
  • Purchases are final. Due to the digital nature of this offering, there are no refunds, if you decide you don’t like the workbook or expected something different.
  • Please read this checkout page fully to avoid any misunderstandings about what is being covered and what is included with your purchase.

I'm thrilled to offer you this resource, and I can't wait to hear your feedback!


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